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Enda Atankard
(Tri-athlete and long distance runner)

"I have been coming to see Crystal for massage therapy since arriving in Sydney three years ago. She is the best all round sports masseuse I have come across here. I find regular massage is essential in order to allow a heavy training schedule. I have had previous issues with my achilles tendon but with regular massage therapy and dry needling on the calves, Crystal has been able to keep me in running races and tri-athlons. Dry needling is an excellent therapy to treat troublesome calves and other deeper muscles and is good as two or three massage therapy treatments in my opinion."



Keith D'Cruze
(Sound Engineer)

"Crystal is simply the best massage therapist! Five years ago I was in desperate need for muscular relief and was recommended Crystal. Crystal's excellent knowledge and expertise found and got rid of my knots. Feeling much better, physically and mentally, I religiously made appointments for massage therapy with Crystal every three to four weeks to maintain my well-being."



(Long distance runner)

"Crystal has been my therapist for over 18 months. She provides a professional, yet relaxed service and always takes time to see how I am feeling and whether there are any specific areas to focus on before each session. Crystal's massages have become part of my well-being and training routine and is highly recommended."