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Bondi Remedial Massage (warm oil optional)


Targeted treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management - remedial massage is suitable for all and we would recommend that if you are not sure what massage you are after you go with this option. It gives the masseuse the flexibility to identify the problem areas you have and help work them out. 

Bondi Relaxation Massage


Subtle kneading and gentle manipulations with oil for those who have hypertension and work in high stress environments - relaxation massage is suitable for all and perfect for anyone, any time of day, and any reason. Relaxation massage really is the best way for you to unwind, get your blood flowing and allow your body do what it does best, while at the same time genuinely being able to unwind.

Bondi Sports Massage


Specialised for your particular sport - the therapist will get to understand your key areas which require attention and work with you to ensure you are in the best shape for your game - sports massage is suitable for active bodies and those who are concerned either with target areas or particular performance requirements. We treat professional fighters, long distance runners, and even pole dancers.

Bondi Reflexology


Focussing on pressure points in the feet, hands and around the joints in the body, reflexology can indirectly target your problematic areas - reflexology is suitable alternative for bodies where traditional massage is less effective. The feet are the foundation of your day to day life and foot massage through reflexology really helps regain the balance and poise from the ground up. 

Bondi Hot Stone Massage


The use of hot stones for a unique and relaxing massage warming deep into the muscles for enhanced targeting and a soothing of of aches and pains - hot stone massage is suitable for sensitive bodies and a traditional way to get deep into the tissue. Hot stone massage uses gently warmed river stones expertly navigated across your muscles making it an experience like no other. 

Bondi Pregnancy Massage


Perfect for mum at any stage of the pregnancy. A full body massage supported by a specially designed pregnancy massage pillow. The Pregnancy massage targets the problem areas such as the lower back and ankles in a warm comforting environment. The second trimester its a good time to get a massage as the muscles and begin to develop strain in areas they previously would not have.



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