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This now is it. This. Your deepest need and desire is satisfied by the moment's energy here in your hand. Rumi

All About Me

Bondi massage is an owner operated business well located in the heart of Bondi Junction. Set amongst professional suites, Bondi massage offers a peaceful sanctuary conducive to therapeutic healing.

I have always been interested in the many pathways to health. I love the simplicity of using my hands as my tools of trade to facilitate the body’s own ability to repair.  A university graduate with an arts background, I initially studied acupressure and learnt how to look at the body from a traditional eastern medical perspective.

This still serves me well in my practice, but I have added to this with a Diploma of Remedial Massage. Over the last 15 years I have also done courses in Myofascial release, pregnancy massage, craniosacral work and oncology massage.

I am often asked do you do sports massage, do you do deep tissue work, do you do massage for stress, what massage is best for me?  All of these come under the remedial massage umbrella.

I view the body within a physical, mental and spiritual framework. Our nervous system is constantly processing information and adjusting our body accordingly. It is receiving information from our movement patterns, the environment, and our mindset. Tension through the body can come from a variety of factors. At Bondi Massage you will find a therapist who will listen to what you want, assess what treatment is required and provide you with a professional treatment based on a combination of education, clinical experience and your individual needs. 

Please come in and share this beautiful space for a treatment that will provide you with the perfect combination of relaxation and therapeutic massage


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